Best Horn Button Design You Should Choose


Is a button on your shirt missing? No issue. Just repair it with a horn button. Because horn buttons are manufactured from animal horn, which is both sturdy and flexible enough to be stitched on, they work well for shirts, sweaters and any other button tucking clothes.

There are numerous styles of horn buttons, including:.

The Classic Horn Button

Although they have been around for centuries, button horns are still a timeless style. They go well with both more formal clothing like jackets and coats as well as more casual gear like shirts or sweaters. The traditional horn button is composed of metal and features two prongs that project from its middle.

The Diamond Horn Button

In contrast to traditional horns, which have two prongs that protrude from the center of the button, diamond horns have three prongs that are placed in a triangle shape around a single point. Diamond horns appear more complicated as a result than traditional horns. Additionally fashioned of metal, diamond horns come in a range of hues and platings, including gold-, silver-, brass-, and nickel-plated finishes.

The Snowflake Horn Button

Snowflake horns contain six points at their core that are placed in the shape of an asterisk, giving them the appearance of snowflakes (three points on each side). These buttons remind me of snow falling from trees during winter storms, making them ideal for winter sweaters! Metal or plastic can be used to make snowflake horns; metal snowflake horns typically have flat surfaces while plastic

Other designs include the:

Round Horn Buttons

One of the earliest and most popular shirt button designs is the round horn button. They all have a similar shape regardless of whether they are constructed of plastic, metal, or wood. Because it looks wonderful on any kind of shirt and suit, the round horn button has been around for ages and is still in use today. These buttons look well on casual shirts as well as on formal shirts and suits. You can pick a button that fits any color or design on your clothing because they come in a variety of sizes and hues.

Flat Horn Buttons

Another common style that has been around for a while is the flat horn button. In the 19th century, men who sought to give their clothes a more masculine appearance were the first to utilize these buttons. Men who wish to add a little flare to their ensembles without going overboard with their wardrobe selections still like these buttons today. There is no reason why you can’t choose a flat horn button that precisely complements your clothing as they come in a variety of sizes and colors.


The most prevalent variety of horn buttons on the market is the ribbed variety. It has a timeless appearance that complements any shirt and is simple to sew on. You don’t have to worry about matching the ribbed horn button to your shirt because it comes in a variety of colors.


The horn button is constructed of high-quality nonmetal materials, and it has a very attractive appearance and excellent texture with no signs of discoloration. This material offers good anti-wear and anti-rust properties. With the best horn button you can also be sure of a novel sense of touch. The small horn button is simple to fasten to your backpack, lanyard, keys, etc. The primary purpose of it is as a social status symbol that expresses the enthusiasm and taste of its owners.

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