The Dos and Don’ts of Pressure Washing a car


Cleaning your car’s exterior can be a time-consuming task when cleaning the ordinary way. However, when you have a pressure washer, it becomes easy to clean your car and leave it super clean in minutes. The equipment uses a high-tech approach to spray water at a high pressure that blasts all the dirt in minutes. If you already own a pressure washer, you have the basics of using it appropriately to better care and maintenance. However, still, you can keep learning how to make your experience with different pressure washers smooth. But, again, if you are new in the field of pressure washing, you need to learn the basics of how you can clean your car with a pressure washer for satisfying results. Read on to understand better.

How to ensure you clean your car effectively

Do the following when pressure cleaning your car

Check the cleaning brush

The brush you intend to use for cleaning your car must be in perfect condition. Besides, it should be approved to clean the car. For example, a hard bristled brush can easily remove your car’s paint. Also, the brush should be super clean without any traces of debris or stones on the sides, as this can cause intense scratches on the car.

Pick the right pressure washer

While pressure cleaning your car, you need to use water and detergents. So, ensure you get a machine that can dispense both the detergent and water for smooth operation.

Use approved detergents for car cleaning

Some detergents can be harmful to both your pressure washer and the car. So, ensure the detergents you use to clean the car are acceptable to both the car and the pressure washer.

Wear protective gears

While pressure cleaning the car, unexpected accidents can cause intense harm to your body. So, ensure you have protective clothes, shoes, gloves, and eyeglasses.

Always rinse your sponges and brushes after cleaning to avoid the grit from affecting your car while cleaning.

Never do the following while pressure cleaning your car

Take note of the nozzles

The nozzles emit water at a higher pressure, and if you aren’t careful, they can easily damage the car’s paint. Always have the nozzles at a distance when spraying your car to avoid damage.

Don’t wash your car on gravels and pebbles surfaces

The ground where you are cleaning your car should not have small particles. Since the machines emit water at a higher pressure, these particles can easily bounce and affect your car’s paint.

Never miss reading the manual’s instructions

When using a pressure washer, you must ensure some settings are in perfect condition for the sake of the machine’s care and maintenance. The manual has advice on cleaning different sections of the car and appropriate settings, plus the appropriate detergents.


Pressure washing is a fun and satisfying experience. However, there are some concepts you must put in place to ensure you have extreme fun with your pressure washer. Make this article your ideal starting point when using a pressure washer.

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